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The Vacuum Doctor has changed their name. We are now Bernie's Sew & Vac. Please visit our new site at:

This site will continue to take orders and be updated with new products but Bernie's Sew & Vac will be main site.

Spool Pin (Thread Guide) | 202412

Spool Pin (Thread Guide)

Item: 4555

Description: Spool Pin (Thread Guide)

Part Number: 202412


Price: $3.04 Online Sale $3.99

Stock: In Stock (2)


Brand: Singer

Category: Sewing/Serger Machine - Parts - Spool Pin

Item Description:

[SINGER] - 107G, 107W, 108K, 108W, 111G, 111W, 211W, 112W, 136W, 140W, 143W, 144W, 145W, 151W, 151K, 151W, 153K, 153W, 168G, 168W, 236G, 236W, 307G, 457G, 457U, 46W, 47W, 51W, 52K, 52W, 61W