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Bissell Air Movers


Bissell BGAM3000

  • 9-1/2 inch diameter blower fan moves air at 3 speeds up to 3000 cfm
  • Reliable 1/2 HP, 6.25 Amp motor with 3-speed switch
  • Save space by stacking air movers up to 3 high
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene housing is easy to clean, and can carry wet floor sign message and owner's name and phone number
  • Open-flow air intake design gives maximum air flow with minimum back-pressure
  • Exclusive high-tech design makes this the most versatile, compact, and portable air mover in the industry
  • Easily adjusts to four different positions; lets you dry hard floors and carpets, furniture, curtains and ceilings
  • Air outlet screen keeps airflow free of debris and protects hands from powerful fan blades
  • 25 foot long, yellow 16/3 ga. safety cord with hospital plug

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